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Chef-Driven American Cuisine Made for Seattle

We think C.S. Lewis had it right when he said that eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably. Test the theory yourself at Seattle’s Bookstore Bar, where Chef Aaron’s regional cuisine is complemented by one of the largest whiskey selections around.

Meet Our Executive Chef, Aaron Leopold

Aaron Leopold is the poster chef for the cosmopolitan Pacific Northwest food scene. Combining local ingredients with French and Asian technique and his own Latin American heritage, Chef Aaron’s cooking is both totally unique and uniquely Seattle.

“I put aspects of each culture together for balanced, thought-out concepts,” says the longtime Seattleite, whose career has taken him from the shores of Puget Sound to New York City to Japan and back again.

A veteran of RN-74 and Crush, where he worked under James Beard-winning Chef Jason Wilson, Aaron knows which heirloom tomatoes pair best with the burrata and has a forager on speed-dial when he needs fresh maitake mushrooms to garnish tonight’s salmon filet. “I love to pique curiosity,” he says.